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Engineering & Architecture

Curriculum and Distance Learning Resources

Engineering and Architecture

Guest Speaker Presentations

Athena Racing


The U.S.'s first all-girls high school racing team. They are dedicated to helping girls enter careers in STEM through motorsports.

Urban Arena Architecture & Planning


A landscape architecture and planning firm with projects ranging from urban villages and entertainment centers to theme parks and hotels. This presentation covers the software, hardware, and certifications necessary to succeed in the landscape architecture industry.

Aerospace Corp


The only federally funded research and development center committed exclusively to space enterprises. Tour the Aerospace Corporation's launch control center and learn about the aerospace engineering career pathway. 

Lockheed Martin


Program Manager of the Advanced Development Projects discusses the 'Hybrid Airship' - the most efficient means of transporting large cargo to remote locations.

Society of Women Engineers


SWE highlights the benefits of renewable energy and how industries are capitalizing on recent engineering breakthroughs to improve the environment. SWE inspires students from all demographics to learn engineering principles and explore engineering careers.

Otter Products


Professionals from different roles in the company discuss their design, testing, and marketing processes for their phone cases and other products all the way from conception to store shelves.

Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Learning Experience Program


A series of presentations (2020-21 and 2021-22) by Lockheed Martin professionals on topics related to aerospace, including engineering, energy, and robotics as well as career development, such as internship opportunities and career pathway planning. 



Features an electrical engineer working on the Europa Clipper Mission to place the spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter to observe the icy moon Europa and determine whether it could harbor conditions suitable for the development (or existence) of life. Recorded by the SD County Community Colleges.

Virtual Site Tours

Deep Trekker


Deep Trekker designs underwater remotely operated vehicles and robots. In this tour, recorded by SDUSD, they share how to develop a vehicle from concept to customer training and the types of jobs that contribute to the end product.

Industry Panels

Engineering Sector Panel


General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Imperial Irrigation District


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