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Education, Child Development & Family Services

Curriculum and Distance Learning Resources

Education, Child Development and Family Services

Guest Speaker Presentations

Community Advocates for Just and Moral Governance (MOGO)


Organization of lawyers dedicated to securing racial equality, social justice, and greater access to quality education.

Theatre Director, La Costa Canyon High School


Scott shares the approaches his department is teaching through the Google platform and the concepts and skills needed to advance in the theatre and general entertainment industries.

Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition


BSCC is an alliance of 60+ government and nonprofit agencies in the US and Latin America convened to combat slavery and human trafficking along the US-Mexico border. Members offer services for victims, law enforcement, and the community.

San Diego Futures Foundation


SDFF uses repurposed computers to promote digital literacy and equip students with the means to enter the tech workforce through internship training, adaptive technology courses, and coding boot camps.

San Diego Workforce Partnership


SDWP assists job seekers in increasing their economic mobility, helps businesses grow and thrive equitably, and prepares young adults for the world of work. They offer employment services to help people connect what they know and love with what the market demands.

San Diego Housing Commission


SDHC operates housing programs for low-income and homeless San Diegans. Their services include rental housing assistance for 15,000+ households, a homelessness action plan, and the development of over 17,000 affordable housing units since 1981.

The San Diego Foundation


A US Top 30 community foundation, The SD Foundation has granted more than $1.2 billion to San Diego nonprofits since its inception in 1975 with support from local donors, and regional and national funders.


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