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Learning and Innovation in CTE

Engage in professional learning to improve your programs and classroom practice.

New CTE Teacher Welcome

Rescheduled: October 6, 4-5pm
Dive into resources and strategies to support your work as a teacher that is new to CTE!
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Serving San Diego County Educators

CTE Leaders Network

First wednesday of each month, 10am.
Open to CTE Leaders in San Diego County

Contact Jewyl Alderson Clarke for more information

SWP Round 4 Supports

Deadline, Oct 15

Regional Consortium K12 SWP Resource Page and Workshop Archives

Leveraging CCI Equity Data to Inform CTE Grant Writing 
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K12 SWP Round 4 
Grant Writing Workshops
Recording           Slide Deck

GoVirtual! Career Pathways Conference

November 2-4, 2021
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Open to educators from across the state and beyond

San Diego and Imperial Counties Community Colleges

2021 Counselor Conference: 
Counseling Students for Future Careers
December 1-2, 2021

Many additional opportunities are added throughout the year. For more information see the Professional Development Schedule

Opportunities from Outside Partners

Events hosted by Illumina, a local biotech company: 
March 5: San Diego Festival of Science & Engineering
April 25: DNA Day 2022

SDG&E matches donors choose funds for local STEM related projects. 

Apply today to the PBL Leadership Academy at High Tech High 

Classroom Strategies for
Career Readiness

Ensure students see the connection between their classes and the world beyond. Use the quick menu below to learn more about SDCOE's services...

Maximize the impact of CTE programs and college and career readiness curriculum at your site or district.

Our team has designed a series of trainings to equip district and site staff with the knowledge and resources to plan career fairs, engage employers, and help students apply to jobs and improve their essential skills. 


Incorporate WBL experiences, such as guest speakers and worksite tours, to increase student engagement and connections to employers. Obtain access to our WBL activities and employer partners.

Credentialing services, labor market data, state resources, and more! Review our resources.


Find Virtual WBL and Distance Learning Resources by Industry Sector on our Sector Resources Page

Pathway Development Resources

and join our Pathway Navigator newsletter.

Pathway Development Tool


Identify areas of strength and improvement for your pathway. This is a great tool for pathway teams to use annually.

Career Integration


There are many ways to integrate career preparation into any course or program.

Recruitment and Marketing Resources


Increase enrollment and completers in your pathway and make sure the subject matter and course sequencing are clear to students.

Workshop Resources


Access the agendas, presentations, and resources discussed at our workshops.

Counselor Resources


Enhance student engagement as well as college and career readiness in pathway recruitment and placement.

Credentialing Services


Interested in becoming a Career Technical Education teacher? Find out what's required to apply for your credential.


Application and Essential Skills Training

Employers have the greatest difficulty hiring entry-level employees with strong essential skills. Learn how to train students to create resumes, preapre for interviews, and be dependable problem solvers and collaborators in the workforce. 


Employer Engagement Training

The development of high quality CTE and career readiness education requires input and student interaction with local employers. Learn how to reach out to and involve employers in your curriculum.


Student Conference Coordination

Planning your school's next career fair, industry day, or expo? Learn how to develop impactful and engaging career-readiness events for your students.


Connect to Employers

Work-based learning (WBL) activities connect students and teachers with employers to learn about the world of work. Complete our WBL training to join our mailing list and receive news about upcoming events with employers. Check our database to see the activities we currently have available. Use our tools to maximize the impact WBL has on your students.

Types of work-based learning

Classroom Guest Speaker

1-2 hrs

Host a professional from a regional employer to speak about their career path, work and the skills they look for when hiring.

Employer-Designed Project

1 sem

Students learn and apply real-world skills while completing a project or product for an employer.

Site Tour

1-2 hrs

Take a tour of an employer's worksite and hear from employees about what it's like to work in their field and at their organization.

Internships (Paid or Unpaid)

~100 hrs

Students gain on-the-job work experience and learn important entry-level skills while in a professional environment.

Career Fairs and Industry Events

2-6 hrs

Employers set up booths with work samples, equipment, and hands-on demos, and may present as a panel to hundreds of students.


~20 hrs

Professionals advise students on their academic and career pathway goals.

Job Shadow

1-5 days

Students or teachers follow a professional as they work. Gain first-hand knowledge of the skills needed to succeed in that field.

Project or Presentation Reviews

1-4 hrs

Employers review and provide feedback on student projects and presentations, lending an industry perspective.

  1. SAN DIEGO WORKFORCE PARTNERSHIP - SDWP's Research Division publishes labor market data on the occupations, sectors, skills, and salaries in San Diego's priority sectors. They also have a career assessment and resume builder tool.
  2. CTE ONLINE - Find, modify, or build course outines, lesson plans, and projects at CTE Online.
  3. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA CURRICULUM INTEGRATION - Review the UCCI course catalog to determine how your courses can be a-g approved.
  4. WBL CALIFORNIA - A digital manual for Work-Based Learning.                             
  5. CAREERACADEMICS.ORG - Find career assessments, curriculum resources, and more at Register for free to obtain site password.

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