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Fashion & Interior Design

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Fashion and Interior Design

Guest Speaker Presentations

Dahlia Design


Learn about entrepreneurship and design from Dahlia Mahmood, who built a successful top-100 design firm which has won national and international awards.

Stitch Fix


Stitch Fix is the first fashion retailer to combine the power of technology and data science with the art of human instinct to offer personalized style for every body.

Vivacity Sportswear


Hear about the triumphs and roadblocks overcome from an entrepreneur in the fashion industry, including the "do’s and don't's" and practical advice for anyone considering a career in fashion.

Dreams and Ducats, Heron Hues, and ROTTWEILER


Heron Hues is a product design movement that champions black history, culture, and expression and is rooted in storytelling and innovation. ROTTWEILER is a street fashion brand for designers of graphic forward streetwear and a community platform to spread messages of positivity. 

Dreams and Ducats and Weriza


Riza Clave is a multi-hyphenate artist who strives to break boundaries by introducing minimal and contemporary aesthetics through design, photography, and lifestyle. She discusses to harness the power of fashion to fuel your dreams.

LA Trade Tech and Palomar College Fashion Design Programs


Explore the Fashion Design and Technology program at LA Trade Tech and the Fashion Merchandising and Design and Interior Design programs at Palomar College. Hear from current students and faculty and view their work.


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