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Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation

Curriculum and Distance Learning Resources

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

Guest Speaker Presentations

Safari Park


San Diego's world-famous zoo and conservation research institute.

SIP Wine & Beer


A wine and beer tasting room and retailer located in Escondido and dedicated to supporting women and minorities in the hospitality and business sectors.

San Diego Craft Beer Distributors/ Cerveza XTECA


The CEO of SD Craft Beer Distributors and co-founder of Cerveza XTECA, a local craft beer, discusses his career and the skills one needs to be a successful entrepreneur.

Fast Food Company


Join Chef K as she gives you the ingredients for success in the culinary field. Chef K will also present a demonstration of her signature Tuna Sandwich.

The Write Juice Food Truck


Providing fresh and healthy beverage options for people on the go, owner Joshlyn Turner walks us through a typical day of operating her food truck. She discusses the balance between doing what you love with the realities of being a business owner.



The largest employer of 16 and 17 year old students in San Diego County discusses their summer job opportunities, application process, and how to prepare for an interview.


Culinary and Hospitality Careers


MESA College Culinary and Hospitality Program, Kitchens For Good, The Fast Food Company, and Westfield Malls

Site Tours

Mesa College Culinary Arts and Management Program


A classroom driven restaurant open to the public, the main cafe operates four days per week in a restaurant-replicated environment. Students learn in real-time and obtain immediate feedback from both instructors and those served.


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