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Essential Skills

Draft Rubrics open for Public Comment through September 18, 2020

Essential Skills Rubrics - Public Comment Draft

Updated August 18, 2020 

Essential skills apply across all sectors and impact a career at any point. These rubrics are designed to support understanding and growth in application of these essential skills. Although many of these skills are embedded in our educational and professional training programs, it is crucial to model, evaluate and set goals around essential skills in order to support career readiness, growth and promotion within a career. These rubrics can be used in a variety of settings, from classrooms and internships to web calls and worksites, and may be applied in individual work, group projects or daily life. 

These skills were chosen based on labor market needs and an analysis of online job postings. The new essential skills poster has already been released. These rubrics are meant to support meaningful application of these skills in educational and workplace settings. 

These draft rubrics were developed in partnership between the San Diego Workforce Partnership and the San Diego County Office of Education. We want to incorporate your perspective to strengthen these tools for anyone who may be interested in using them. Please share your feedback on our public comment form

And stay tuned for our Essential Skills Training for educators coming soon!


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