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Go Virtual!
Career Pathways Conference

Nov 2-4 2021
2021 Schedule


2021 Theme:
CTE in the Age of Disruption

COVID-19 has disrupted both the workplace and our classrooms. How do we incorporate innovative practices to meet the needs of students and the world of work in the changing world?

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2021 GoVirtual! Event Overview

Tuesday, Nov 2

3pm: Keynote Panel

4pm: Session 1

Wednesday, Nov 3

3pm: Session 2 

4pm: Session 3 

Thursday, Nov 4

3pm: Session 4

4pm: Closing Keynote

Go Virtual! Career Pathways Conference Countdown

You can access the 2020 conference archives at the Sched links below.
Just go into any session and select "video stream" to access the archived video in YouTube. 

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